Top 3 Best Womens Shoes Melbourne That You Absolutely Need to Have in Your Closet

Like the opposite sex, women are also obsessed with shoes. Many female sneaker-heads wear their shoes with pride the same way they wear their jewellery. Due to popularity and demand, there are currently many kinds of womens shoes Melbourne available out there. We all know that you want nothing but the best shoe for your collection. That’s why in this article, we’re going to introduce you to some of the unsung brands and their signature pair of shoes. Go over this list now and see just how many you can add to your collection.


Wildfire Kyra Espadrille

Wedge shoes are among the most in-demand pair of women’s footwear, and the Kyra Espadrille is among the best variants available here in the Down Under. Pair of espadrilles feature a thick sole, which enables it to shape up and lengthen your legs – making them look longer and slimmer. The Kyra Espadrille also features a lace-up design that gives you the option to tie it either high or low. You can even let it loose around your ankles for added comfort. Whatever you prefer, both versions are going to be attractive and stylish. Either way, this pair of espadrilles are an absolute must-have for your shoe collection.


Emmi Wedge Shoe

The Emmi wedge shoe is getting our personal seal of approval as 2020’s best womens shoes Melbourne. Featuring a thick solid and an inlaid rope finish, the Emmi wedge can provide an attractive set of footwear for your feet. Its stylish crossover strap complements well with its ankle strap that goes through the ankle area smoothly and onto your toes. The Emmi wedge is no doubt a gorgeous pair of shoes that every woman would love to have for their shoe collection.


Layla Mule Slides

Every woman wants something simple yet still appealing in the eyes of the people. That’s why some are considering the Layla mule slides to be an absolute must-have for their shoe collection. While it does look simple, it isn’t your average everyday pair of slides. The Layla is compelling footwear that features black heels and a thick band to cover the toes. It also has a soft sold for some added comfort and stability. The versatility of this footwear is one of the reasons why it’s a yearly trend. You can even use them for a variety of events, occasions, and work! Check out all of these womens shoes Melbourne today!