What Is Sports Physio Adelaide by KineticRehabilitation?

Sports physiotherapists are professionals who focus on physical therapy and rehabilitation. They are trained athletes and have degrees in sports medicine and exercise physiology. Sports physiotherapists can treat acute injuries, like ligament sprains, broken bones, sprained muscles, strains, tennis elbow and back pain. They can also diagnose and treat conditions that can affect a sports person’s performance and aid in their recovery.


Sports physio Adelaide by KineticRehabilitation is essential in the sporting life of a sports person. No matter what sport, you play, your physical level of fitness or age, sports physiotherapy reduces or prevents injuries. Studies show that overuse injuries, like torn muscles and ligaments, occur frequently and are usually the first signs of wear and tear on a sports person’s body. This form of therapy is an excellent way for sportspeople to recover from injury.


Sports Physio Adelaide by KineticRehabilitationBy using modern techniques, modern equipment and the latest research, sports physiotherapy can help save a great deal of time, effort and money. Sports injury specialists are well-trained in using exercise programs and exercise equipment that can be adjusted and tailored to a particular individual’s needs. The goal of this therapy is to improve the recovery process and protect a sports person’s normal physical conditioning. Sports medicine has evolved into a very specialized form of science. It combines knowledge and information from many different fields and uses scientific evidence-based practice guidelines to treat and prevent sports injuries.


Sports physio Adelaide by KineticRehabilitation is beneficial to sportsmen because it minimizes the risk of long-term complications, such as osteoarthritis, a devastating disease affecting athletes. Osteoarthritis occurs after an injury when the cartilage is damaged, leaving the ends of bones stiff and inflexible. In most cases, patients can resume sporting activities after three to six months of rehabilitation, depending on their sporting team’s severity. However, for serious sports injury, where the cartilage has been destroyed, it may take longer to achieve a full recovery.


One of the primary goals of Sports physio Adelaide by KineticRehabilitation is to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with injuries, especially those in the lower limbs. Many athletes are hesitant to consult a doctor or trainer due to embarrassment over showing their trainer their injured foot or ankle. However, athletes can improve their performance by avoiding injuries. Moreover, the benefits are long term since it prevents injuries from occurring in the first place. It can also lead to faster healing since the body’s systems become more effective at fighting off infections and inflammation, allowing muscles and ligaments to heal more quickly.