4 Ways to Improve Your SEO Adelaide Rankings in 2020

The chances of you increasing your search engine optimization rankings will depend highly on several factors. However, there are specific actions that you can start taking right now to improve your chances of ranking higher on the SERPs this year. With that said, here are four ways to improve your SEO rankings in Adelaide for 2020. Visit www.NichollsWebConsulting.com.au for more information.

Always Begin with an SEO Audit

SEO AdelaideIf you want to know the best ways to improve and increase your SEO rankings, you’ll want to start with an SEO audit. An audit helps identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses. By doing an audit, you’ll be able to play to your strengths while making improvements on the weaker areas of your SEO strategy. A typical SEO audit involves the following:

  • Your website structure
  • Information architecture
  • Existing content

Click here to learn more about how to do an SEO website audit.

Improve Your Site Navigation

Google is continuously improving, with goals of wanting to provide the best possible search engine experience for its users. For this reason, Google is rewarding sites that offer a positive user experience. Part of providing a positive user experience is making sure that your website is simple and easy to navigate. If your visitors are unable to find what they’re looking for, they will most likely leave your site. Don’t give them any reason to leave by providing easy navigations and presenting them with what they’re looking for. Check out www.NichollsWebConsulting.com.au now to learn more.

Fix or Remove Duplicate Content

Content is king –  redundancy isn’t. Duplicate content issues can impact your SEO efforts in a negative way. It’s already known that Google is rewarding those websites that have unique site content while penalizing sites that have duplicates. That’s why you should check your site regularly for duplicate site content. Once you find some, make sure you fix these issues right away before they start plummeting your site rankings.

Mobile-optimize Your Website

It’s 2020 people – mobile site optimization is no longer optional. It’s mandatory for business and SEO. Google has been penalizing sites that are not optimized for mobile devices since 2015. So if you haven’t optimized your site for mobile yet, the chances are that’s the main factor that’s ruining your site’s SEO results.

These are only a hand few of things that you can do to improve your SEO in 2020. However, we guarantee that they will make an absolute impact on the moment you get them done. For more tips and guides on how to improve your website moving forward, visit www.NichollsWebConsulting.com.au today.