Effective Ways to Maintain Your Mitsubishi Split System & Installations Air Conditioner

Every home needs some quality cooling from a split system air conditioner. It’s quiet, compact, and energy-efficient features make it a popular choice among homeowners. However, maintaining a Mitsubishi split system & installations air conditioner can be daunting. Also, getting regular professional air conditioning maintenance services is expensive. Fortunately, you can always clean your split system air conditioning by yourself in only a few easy and effective steps:


Get an Air Conditioner Wash Bag

By getting an air conditioner wash bag, you can now catch the water droplets on your air conditioning unit. These heavy-duty plastic bags are available on your local hardware store or online. They are designed specifically for catching the wastewater that accumulates when you clean your air conditioner. That way, all you have to remove is the bag.


Invest in a Good Coil Cleaner

A coil cleaner is an effective cleaning solution for the coils of your air conditioning unit. It makes sure that your AC system is fully functional and dirt-free. When you’re looking for a coil cleaner, don’t go for the foam type since they can spread everywhere and get messy. Also, the foam sprays may not penetrate through the coils or rotor fan blades properly. That’s why you should consider sticking to liquid solution sprays for an overall better result.


Install the Air Conditioner Bag Around Your AC Unit

For maximum usage and efficiency, install the air conditioner wash bag around your Mitsubishi split system & installations unit. By doing so, you won’t need to tear the entire system down like what professional commonly do. While it may be a lot more complicated, cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner will be much easier after this step.


Start Spraying the Coil Cleaner

When you start spraying your coil cleaners, make sure you spray at an angle that’s directly onto the cooling surface and your AC coils. Make sure the cleaning solution reaches as far into the coils. To do that, you’ll need to tap and push the nozzle as close to the AC coils as you can. Once you do, you will get the best results.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully cleaned your Mitsubishi split system & installations unit. It will now function efficiently as it’s brand new. Do this regularly, and you will have consistent cooling all over your home. For more guides on how to clean air conditioners and other appliances at home, check out our blog page now.