Gutter Mesh – Keeping Your Gutters Clean and Looking Great

Gutter mesh is a particular type of gutter cover designed to protect gutters from leaves, needles and other debris from clogging. Mesh gutter covers offer the advantages of solid, clear gutter protection along with the aesthetic appeal. Leaves will clog up your gutters no matter what type of gutter protection system you have if they are not kept clean. Clogged gutters are not aesthetically pleasing, but they are also not safe. There are times when even professional gutter cleaners cannot reach in and clean the clogged areas.

A gutter mesh option can offer adequate coverage and durability against leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris without blocking access to your roof gutters. Sound gutter mesh systems will be made of heavy-duty plastic. This material will be covered with a durable fabric top. The top is usually an open mesh design with a Velcro top closure to prevent access by thieves.

Some gutter guards are meshed covers that fit inside your existing gutter. Other models are entirely separate pieces of mesh placed on top of your gutters. Plastic covers are available in several styles and colours. They are also available in different sizes to fit most standard-size gutters.

Deciding which Gutter Mesh Adelaide option is best for you depends mainly on the size of your yard. Large areas will require larger mesh openings to handle the debris accumulation. Smaller yards will need fewer holes. The number of holes and size will also depend on the amount of sun exposure the yard receives and the amount of watering the homeowner does.

Many homeowners make the mistake of installing the gutter mesh too close to their roof structure. This can cause problems with the proper structural integrity of the gutter system. A key component in preventing leaks is the design of a connection point at the edge of the roof. This connection point should be sturdy enough to withstand years of exposure to the elements. If it isn’t, then the roof may very well develop leaks.

Another mistake is the installation of a mesh that’s too big or too small. A proper-sized gutter mesh must be at least three inches thick. Anything thicker than this could compromise the durability of the system. The mesh should be installed in such a way as to follow the contours and curve of a roof. It will look much more aesthetically appealing if the mesh matches the existing look rather than hanging out in the middle of it.

One significant benefit of gutter mesh that most people don’t think about is preventing damage to the roof shingles and the surrounding gutter systems. It can be pretty messy to remove large pieces of debris from your gutters. It is not uncommon for small pieces of debris to get trapped between the gaps of your gutters. Over time this can cause water to seep under the shingles and into the underlying wood structure of your roof. Once this happens, it can cause considerable damage.

In the past, most people just went with the most common type of plastic gutter mesh – the diamond gutter mesh. Diamond mesh tends to be the most expensive option, but it also offers the most durability. Because of this, many people prefer to use it when they are installing new gutters on old homes and will replace the mesh over time.

With seamless gutters, the mesh is installed as a seamless unit onto the surface of the gutter. Thus, no pieces of debris are left hanging above or below. This is a desirable option compared to other types. Seamless mesh is one of the best ways to protect the roof, but it also gives you the option of leaving as little visible debris as possible. This allows you to have cleaner gutters that will last longer.