Glass Shower Doors – Easy to Install And Maintenance

The beauty and functionality of glass shower doors have made them one of the most popular bathroom fixtures among homeowners and design-conscious people. They are also environmental and health-friendly since the shower glass has no dangerous chemicals (such as BPA and PVC) found in many cheap plastic shower curtains. Lastly, a glass shower door needs little and simple maintenance to remain beautiful and clean. However, if you are not a handyman or do not know much about repairing or customising shower doors, you should always leave it to the glass repair adelaide professionals.

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As glass repair adelaide and glass shower doors differ slightly, it is important to know the difference between the two before any glass door installation or repair. If you plan to make a do-it-yourself glass shower doors installation, you must be properly trained and experienced in this specialty area. A typical glass door installation will include a trim ring, moulding, channel, jambs, frame and surrounds. A successful installation will not only involve a reliable contractor and crew; it will also require the right tools, supplies and skills.


There are several steps in the entire process of do-it-yourself bathroom glass shower doors. These steps are: trim ring, moulding, trim, channel and surrounds. This process can be made easier if the doors you wish to have installed are already pre-made. However, if you wish to save time and money, you may consider building your trim ring, moulding, jamb, frame and surrounds from scratch.


When you have decided to do-it-yourself bathroom decorations, the next thing is to decide on different types of glass for your bathroom shower doors. Before purchasing or ordering any doors, it is important to check the local building codes in your area. Different types of glass may require different certifications. It is advisable to get the certification to ensure that you use the door appropriately.


After getting all the necessary tools and materials, you can start the construction process. Although you don’t need to employ special tools during the construction, you should read the directions carefully before commencing installation. The correct procedure to install shower doors may vary depending on the type of doors you have chosen. Do-it-yourself glass repair adelaide installation usually employs the following general procedures:

  • Fixing the trim rings
  • Cutting and screwing the mouldings
  • Attaching the trim rings to the mouldings
  • Securing the jambs to the frame
  • Filling the cavities
  • Applying a silicone sealing coating to the frame
  • Installing the channel mouldings
  • Attaching the doors to the channel


Most people who want a do-it-yourself installation of glass shower doors choose to use frameless doors as they are easy to install and easier to maintain. However, framed doors require more detailed and professional installation work, which might require you to hire a professional to carry out the job. In addition, even though using frameless doors is easier and less time consuming, it might cost you more in the long run, as glass shower doors require replacement once they become damaged. Click to find more information.