How to Ideally Buy a Moisture Meter for the First Time

Moisture is all over, regardless of the condition or temperature level of a home or location. You can find it in various materials and surfaces. In other words, there always is a specific level of moisture that is a fundamental part of a material.

In the construction industry, moisture might be the enemy. You may face major prospective concerns from the floor, covering failures to losing products due to damage because of the lack of proper moisture monitoring.

best moisture meterThe good news is that you can determine and monitor the moisture level with the use of a moisture meter.

The inability or failure to determine the moisture content of a material or surface is like not having a chainsaw when cutting a tree. To help you know and understand how to buy the best moisture meter for the first time, we recommend that you read this post.

Both the type and the measurement of the wood you are working with, consisting of the application requirements, are the elements that need to be thought about first before buying the very best type of moisture meter. Pin-style and pinless are the two most common moisture meter varieties.

The pin-style meter uses typically a pair of metal probes or pins that permeates below the surface area of the wood. Because they measure using a resistance principle that determines the electrical energy flow between the two pins, the little area they check is not wholly a part of the entire piece of wood.

For a definitive representation of the entire board’s moisture content, it is always suggested to get several readings along the complete length and width of the board with repeated pin penetrations. Pin penetration or pin size frequently manage the depth of analysis. If you need more extensive readings, you may utilise pin-style meters that can be connected to the external probes.

A sensor pad with typically a high-frequency radio wave signal innovation that scan larger locations of the wood for its MC is what pinless wood moisture meters significantly utilises, on the other hand. Sometimes, this pinless wood moisture meter is also referred to as non-damaging or non-destructive meters.

This innovation enables the user to effectively measure the moisture content of the wood devoid of utilising driving pins as it just sends a three-dimensional signal deep below the wood surface area.

Depending upon the specific design of each manufacturer, the depth of measurement is generally between 0.30 to 0.95 inches. In getting readings quickly, these metres will be kept in one place or rushed along the whole width and length of the board.

Furthermore, the measurement range of the meter is another essential consideration that you should not forget when you buy the best moisture meter for the first time. Choose a device that calculates moisture content in wood at the lowest end of the range for an application like flooring setups, woodworking, and furniture production. Keep in mind that not all meters have this function.